History of the Nevada Prescribed Fire Alliance
In the years between 2010 and 2015, prescribed burning grew in acceptability, need, and practice among all agencies and organizations. While the practicing agencies became better equipped, trained and more experienced, the main challenges to burning still remained. Several agencies voiced the need to surmount the challenges and that joining forces with other agencies may bridge some gaps and provide additional resources that would equip the burning community to achieve the optimum amount of burning needed for resilient landscapes. In 2015, a core group met to discuss the potential for a prescribed fire cooperative group to meet the current challenges. They agreed that, with the assistance of the Great Basin Fire Science Exchange and the Desert Research Institute, their agencies and organizations would join forces and become organized. Through a series of meetings, the core group has grown to at least 20 representatives from all sectors of burn implementation and regulation. The group finalized their strategic plan in 2017.

To have broad support for the use of prescribed fire where applicable to manage natural resources, restore ecosystem processes, and to protect community health and safety.

To promote the appropriate use of prescribed fire as a natural resource management tool through collaboration, facilitation, and shared learning experiences.