Nevada Prescribed Fire Alliance By-Laws



Section 1:        The Nevada Prescribed Fire Alliance assembles land managers, researchers, air districts, stakeholders and others concerned about fire and smoke management into an organization to:

a.        Provide a framework for communications in relation to prescribed fire objectices, practices, and regulations and policies.

b.       Promote public understanding and awareness of the benefits of prescribed fire and the role of fire in Nevada.

c.       Protect, promote and enhance the ability to use prescribed fire safely and responsibly as a land management tool.

d.       Support development of expanded resources and expertise in prescribed fire and smoke management by sharing technical information, planning, execution, and evaluation of prescribed fire.

e.       Promote safety, training and research in the art and science of prescribed fire

f.        Review prescribed fire issues and concerns and suggest courses of action.



Section 1:        Alliance members shall be any agency, organization, corporation, institution, or individual with an interest in the safe use of prescribed fire in Nevada.

Section 2:        A Steering Committee is established to guide the organization, develop positions and coordinate meetings.  The Steering Committee shall be comprised of representatives from the following stakeholder categories:

  1. Federal Agencies
    a.  Bureau of Indian Affairs
    b.  Bureau of Land Management
    c.  National Weather Service
    d.  National Park Service
    e.  National Resources Conservation Service
    f.   U.S. Fish and Wildlife
    g.  U.S. Forest Service
  2. State Agencies
    a.  Nevada Division of Forestry
    b.  Nevada Division of State Lands
    c.  Nevada Department of Conversation and Natural Resources
    d.  Nevada Department of Wildlife
  3. County Agencies
    a.  Carson City Fire Department
    b.  East Fork Fire Protection District
    c.  Elko County Fire Protection District
    d.  Ely Fire Department
    e.  North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
    f.  North Lyon County Fire Protection District
    g.  Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
    h.  Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
    i.  Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District
    j.  Storey County Fire Department
    k.  Storey County Fire Protection District
  4. Educational/Research Institutes
    a.  Desert Research Institute
    b.  Great Basin Fire Science Exchange
    c.  University of Nevada, Reno
  5. Conservation Organizations
    a.  Nevada Association of Conservation Districts
    b.  Nevada Cooperative Extension
    c.  Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities
    d.  Nevada Land Trust
    e.  The Nature Conservancy
  6. Air Districts
    a.  Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
    b.  Clark County Air Quality
    c.  Washoe County Health District, Air Quality Management Division
  7. Other Related Organizations
    a.  Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center
    b.  National Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils

Section 3:        In the event that a Steering Committee member must be absent from a meeting, he/she may designate an alternate representative.

Section 4:         The Steering Committee will share information, provide updates and gain input from the Alliance.

Section 5:         Participants shall be informed at each meeting of the current status of the Alliance.



Section 1:        The officers of the Alliance shall be the Chair and Vice Chair who will be a member of the Steering Committee.

Section 2:        The term of office will be for one year beginning January 1.  The term limit shall be three consecutive years.

Section 3:        The officers shall be selected by the members of the Steering Committee via email election/nominations.

Section 4:        The Chair shall preside at all meetings and see that all resolutions approved by the Steering Committee are acted upon and put into effect.

Section 5:        In the event that the Chair must be absent from a meeting, he/she may appoint his/her alternate from the Steering Committee to serve as Chair.

Section 6:        The Chair shall see that the minutes of each meeting are kept and that a copy is provided to each Steering Committee member soon after the meeting.

Section 7:        The Chair is responsible for setting agendas for Steering Committee and general participant meetings, running said meetings, and communicating with working groups and other like councils in the interim between meetings.

Section 7:        The Chair may authorize actions and public notices after a majority approval of the Steering Committee and representatives in attendance.



Section 1:        At least one Alliance meeting and four Steering Committee meeting will be held annually.

Section 2:        Written notices of meetings shall be provided to Alliance members prior to all such meetings.



Section 1:        These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of the Steering Committee.