NRS 527.126 – Requirements to Conduct Fire

A controlled fire  must be conducted pursuant to a written plan which has been submitted to and authorized by NDF and under direct supervision of at least 1 person who is qualified to oversee such fires and who remains on site for the duration of the fire

A controlled fire which is commenced pursuant to this section and which complies with laws relating to air pollution shall be deemed in the best interest of the public and not to constitute a public or private nuisance

NRS 527.128 – Written Plan

The plan must be prepared by a person qualified to oversee a controlled fire and contain at least:   

  •  A description and map of the area to be burned
  •  A list of personnel and equipment necessary to commence and control the fire
  •  A description of the meteorological factors that must be present before commencing a controlled fire, including surface wind speed and direction, transport wind speed and direction, minimum mixing height, minimum relative humidity, maximum temperature and fine fuel moisture
  •  A description of considerations related to common behavioral patterns of fire in the area to be burned, including various burning techniques, the anticipated length of flame and the anticipated speed of fire
  •   A signature of the person who prepared the plan

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